Nyota Njema Real Estate App

In this digital age, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. As we celebrated our second title deed handover ceremony, we unveiled the Nyota Njema Real Estate App. This application is designed to simplify our clients’ access to our services and enable them to conveniently track all their investments.

Importance of Nyota Njema App

Because of our technology, we can now exist in a world where new ideas and methods are constantly being developed and have an impact on people all over the world.

Easy property Browsing

The Nyota Njema app offers a user-friendly interface that makes it effortless to navigate and explore our diverse range of projects. With its interactive and intuitive design, customers can conveniently access all our projects from the comfort of their own homes. The app provides a comprehensive listing of projects available for sale or offer, allowing users to book units and view their account history.

Additionally, the app enables users to customize their search preferences, empowering them to filter search results based on specific criteria. Whether its location, price range, or desired amenities, users can swiftly and easily find properties that meet their requirements.

Commission-based Earnings

The app has been tailored to provide incentives for our loyal clients by offering rewards through referrals. When a client refers someone and that person makes a deposit, our client will receive commissions. The earned commission can be withdrawn or used to purchase additional land.

User Profiles

Users can easily create their accounts in three simple steps and receive an SMS password to their registered number. They can also explore and book their favorite projects, and receive personalized booking reports via email.

Interactive Maps and Mutation

To enhance the user experience, the app integrates interactive maps and mutations, enabling users to effortlessly explore projects within their preferred areas. By utilizing these features, users can delve deeper into the surrounding neighborhood and amenities, gaining valuable insights about the location. The mutations within the app accurately display the specific plot locations within various projects, including corner plots, middle plots, and more.

Detailed Project Information

The app offers extensive property details, encompassing crucial information like location, price range, and amenities. Moreover, it incorporates a collection of photos showcasing our diverse projects, providing customers with a clearer visualization of each project.

Online Payment Option

After making a payment through the app’s online payment option using the designated pay bill number, the app will show the details of the payment in the statement section.


The app has the capability to send notifications, ensuring that users stay informed about the latest projects listed. Additionally, the app conveniently displays the available projects for users to explore.

Customer Support

It also offers a customer support system, equipped with the company’s contact information and a feedback section, to assist users with any inquiries or concerns they may have.

 Account Creation Steps

  1. Download the app from the Play Store and install it. Enter your email
  2. A password will be sent via email, key in and set your preferred password.
  3. You can then log in, view projects, book units and also refers your friends.

Why You Should Have Nyota Njema App

  • You can refer as many friends as possible, you only need their name and phone number.
  • You do not need to be a real estate agent to earn real estate earning
  • You can refer friends in any part of the world
  • A user-friendly, easy to use, money earning app
  • You can pay and view your payment statements in the app
  • All our earlier customers can view their payment statements easily in the app
  • You can track all your referrals and projects of interest using the app