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Nyota Njema Real Estate, founded in 2019, is driven by our mission to empower individuals and groups to create wealth through real estate investments. We understand the challenges many face in accessing affordable investment opportunities, and our focus is on providing innovative solutions through our Nyota Njema Mobile Application and flexible payment plans for our projects.

Title Handover

Having handed over 1500 title deeds, our recent title handover ceremony on April 6, 2024, marked our 3rd annual handover ceremony as we witnessed our clients’ dreams materialize as they received their title deeds. The atmosphere brimmed with excitement and fulfillment, underscoring the significance of property ownership. For those aspiring to invest, Nyota Njema Real Estate offers a free and new flexible payment plan across all projects, accommodating diverse budgets. This unique feature empowers individuals to embark on their investment journey confidently. With Nyota Njema real estate, securing your future has never been easier. Take the first step today towards realizing your real estate aspirations.For more information, click on the link provided to watch our title handover ceremony at the KICC.

Our projects

Our projects, spanning various locations in Kenya, cater to different investment needs, including land banking, commercial, residential, agricultural, and mixed-use ventures. Nyota Njema’s CEO, Perminus Kariuki, is currently on a diaspora investment tour across Europe and other countries, promoting investment opportunities in Kenya’s real estate sector to Kenyan diaspora communities. For more information, click on the link provided to read the details on our projects. 

Our corporate package
Nyota Njema corporate package
Nyota Njema corporate package

Nyota Njema introduces a dynamic corporate package, aiming to empower SMEs by rewarding top employees with exclusive end-of-year prizes. This comprehensive solution not only recognizes employees’ efforts but also drives motivation and personal growth. With access to real estate investment training and customized payment plans, employees can make informed decisions and secure their financial futures. Employers benefit from a productive workforce, increased retention of top talent, and improved business profitability. By partnering with Nyota Njema, businesses can incentivize and support their teams while fostering a culture of success and achievement.

Through these initiatives and comprehensive solutions, Nyota Njema Real Estate empowers individuals to make informed investment decisions, contributing to sustainable

wealth growth and development.

Technological Integration

To ensure top-notch customer service, Nyota Njema has embraced technology through our mobile application, available on both the Play Store and App Store. This app allows potential customers to explore our project catalog easily. Existing customers can access their statements, sale agreements, and financial documents with just a click.

Investor Education and Forums

We host educational forums for our clients, discussing various investment options, their advantages and disadvantages, and the value of land as a reliable asset to protect against inflation. These forums are designed to empower our clients with the knowledge needed to make informed investment decisions.

Rebranding and Growth

In our fifth year, we recognized the need to rebrand to reflect our evolving vision and company deliverables better. This rebranding included updating our logo and introducing board members whose expertise will guide our company to new heights.

Expanding Clientele and Global Reach

Nyota Njema has issued over 1,200 title deeds, expanding our client base from local to international markets. We have hosted investor forums and issued title deeds in countries such as Germany, Italy, Dubai, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to serve a growing number of clients worldwide.

Youth Empowerment

Our dedicated Youth Program offers flexible payment plans that allow young individuals to acquire properties without needing loans. Recognizing the difficulties many young people face in accessing traditional financing, we provide affordable solutions that empower them to enter the real estate market and build wealth for their future.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Nyota Njema Certificate of appreciation
Nyota Njema Certificate of Appreciation

At Nyota Njema, we believe in giving back to the community. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, we offer a three-month intensive sales internship program for graduate students. This program provides young graduates with valuable workplace exposure, the development of essential soft skills, networking opportunities, and mentorship. We are committed to nurturing young talent and supporting professional growth.

Nyota Njema Real Estate is committed to providing exceptional real estate investment opportunities and customer service. Our technological integration, investor education, rebranding efforts, and global reach demonstrate our dedication to growth and excellence. Through our Youth Program, CSR initiatives, and support for SMEs, we strive to empower individuals and contribute positively to the community. Our achievements and industry recognition further affirm our commitment to driving wealth creation and delivering unparalleled real estate services

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We believe in fulfilling Every promise we make to our clients.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To Provide excellent integrated Real Estate Investment opportunities in Africa and beyond.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Offer customized real estate investment solutions through exceptional customer experience.

Core Values

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Customer Centric
  • Innovation
What We Do

From Our Services


    Nyota Njema identifies both residential and commercial strategic blocks of land, conducts due diligence, purchases it and sub-divides into smaller portions of eighths, quarters, halves and acres for end user consumption. We have projects in the following locations: Nanyuki, Naivasha, Juja Farm, Malindi and Kitengela.


    Nyota Njema offers consultancy services for corporates and saccos through identifying strategic large chunks of land, conducting due diligence for their members before purchase.


    Funding, Investment Forums, Real Estate Advisory, Project Management, Real Estate Consortium.


    At Nyota Njema we have apartments, bungalows and massionettes in Nairobi and its environs . These areas include Thome, Kilimani, Ngong 46 and Athi-river.


    Nyota Njema provides solutions in managing of rental properties through a synchronized system of rent collection, marketing and updating of rental property, updating tenant record, handling complaints, adjusting rents and bank reconciliation of records and management of services.


    Affordable Houses, Conventional Houses, Construction services.

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    Community Programs

    Youth Internship Program


    Nyota Njema Real Estate is committed to empowering the youth and giving back to the community through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. One of our key programs is the 3-month Sales Internship Program, which offers recent graduates the opportunity to gain practical work experience and develop valuable skills in a real-life work environment. Through this program, we aim to expose interns to workplace culture, help them discover and hone their skills and talents, adjust their expectations of the workplace, build their confidence, and provide networking opportunities. So far, we have empowered over 40 students through our internship program and continue to seek ways to prepare more graduates for the job market.

    Program Details

    Our Sales Internship Program consists of three cohorts per year, and interns are assigned a mentor from our company who provides guidance and feedback on their work. The program covers various aspects of corporate skills, including conducting research on potential investments, pitching, technical skills, content creation, networking, photography, video shooting, video editing, communication skills, soft skills, blog and article writing, customer service, and digital marketing, among others. Interns also have the opportunity to attend departmental meetings, share ideas, network with other professionals, and gain insight into the real estate industry.

    Testimonial from an Intern

    Antony, a finance student enrolled in Cohort 1 of the 2023 intake, shared his experience with the program, stating, “I have acquired many skills during the internship program, including research, pitching, technical skills, and communication skills, among others. I was also surprised to discover my natural talent in acting, thanks to the Nyota Njema leadership team for the great opportunity.” Antony’s testimonial highlights the diverse range of skills and talents that interns can develop through our program.