Nyota Njema Real Estate is a company in Kenya that specializes in land acquisition and investment. We have a reputation for dedicated services, transparency, and client satisfaction.

Nyota Njema Real Estate, founded in 2019, empowers individuals and groups to create wealth through real estate investments. We understand the challenges many face in accessing affordable investment opportunities and provide innovative solutions through our Nyota Njema Mobile Application. Moreover, we have formulated flexible payment plans for our clients.

We focus on making real estate investment accessible, enabling everyone to achieve wealth creation through real estate.

The frequently asked questions include:

  • What services does Nyota Njema Real Estate offer?

    Nyota Njema provides services in land acquisition, guiding individuals to invest in promising locations, and ensuring a seamless land purchase process

  • What is the track record of Nyota Njema Real Estate?

    We have a proven track record with over 1500 disbursed title deeds, numerous awards, and a high percentage of diaspora clients

  • Does Nyota Njema Real Estate have a program for the youth?

    Yes, we have a dedicated Youth Program offering flexible payment plans for young individuals to acquire properties without loans.

  • How can I contact Nyota Njema Real Estate?

    You can reach to us at our offices located at Mountain Mall, 3rd Floor, Suite C21, Nairobi, or by phone at 0728 895895

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