Factors that drive the real estate market in Nanyuki


  1. The existence of such has led to an increase in housing demand among army officers, who are mostly hosting their families in the town.
  2. Tourist  Destination

Nanyuki offers visitors a wide variety of big beautiful hotels to spend their time in .they include falcon heights, Aberdare prestige, Mayan, and peak hotel which offer comfortable and affordable services. On the other hand, it offers attraction conservancies, such as Mount Kenya world life services Lewa, and Ol Pajeta where the two white rhinos are found.   They also host lions, zebras, and .elephants .another thing is that Nanyuki is the only place you can find bears in Africa.

1. Devolution 

The opening up of major towns throughout the 47 counties has attracted businesses, investors, and government agencies from all the county seats. This has accelerated urbanization and drawn financial institutions as a result. Consequently, there is a need for office space, retail space, and residential units to house investors and government officials due to the favorable demographics linked to devolution.

2. Growth in rental unit demand 

Due to their ability to accommodate numerous people on a short plot of land, apartments are a crucial component of the global solution to the housing crisis. Apartments for rent are popular with people in the lower and middle classes in Nanyuki.

3. Growth of economic activity in the town  

The expansion of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) has also been given credit for the upbeat real estate outlook. According to the 2018 Kenya National Bureau of Statistics Economic Survey, 83.4 percent of jobs in Kenya are supported by the informal sector, which is expected to account for 98% of all businesses. Due to the quick and simple business registration process, which takes no more than two weeks, the town has seen a surge in SME’s.

Several of these businesses, including BAT, Knight Frank, DAVIS & SHIRTLIFF, CMC, all Major Banks and SACCOs, and Mawingu Networks.

4. Population

As the population grows in an area there is also a growth in the need for land to settle maybe as a home or for investment. Thus the population growth in Nanyuki has impacted pressure on land in that most people want to own a place they can call home near all the necessities e.g. water, schools, churches, and hospitals.

5. Demand for holiday homes   

So many individuals wish for a cool place to occupy during holidays where they can refresh their minds and bodies. Since Nanyuki provides for such an environment, this leads to an increase in demand for holiday homes both rental and buying.

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