Nanyuki : A Town to Watch with an Investor’s Eye

The Nanyuki University College of Manufacturing and Business Development is the proposed name for the university college that will soon be established in Nanyuki town by the Laikipia County Government, the Ministry of Education, and Laikipia University.

The proposed University College stands out since it has a well-defined niche. In addition to other skill-based courses, it will provide courses in innovation and manufacturing, value addition, enterprise development, rangeland management, animal husbandry and feedlot management, and education.

The task force assigned decided that Laikipia University would be the best university to support the new college, and an establishment plan from Laikipia University’s technical team was created to help the young college come to fruition.

Ultra-modern market in Nanyuki

Traders in Nanyuki stand to gain from a cutting-edge market designed to foster a positive business climate. Most Kenyans are merchants by nature, and they seek dignity in their hustles and the locations from which they operate. Nevertheless, the majority of them operate in filthy areas with no access to roads, sewers, or other utilities, which draws in customers with limited purchasing power. In order to make room for the development of the modern market, the Government will work with the County Government to arrange for the traders to relocate to a different location.

Centre for Training and Integrated Research in ASAL Development (CETRAD)

The Centre for Development and Environment at the University of Berne coordinates CETRAD, a bilateral institution between the governments of the Swiss Confederation and the Federal Republic of Kenya. As a continuation of the previous Laikipia Research Programme (1976–1997), CETRAD was founded in July 2002 and so builds on the long-term pre–investment research facility.

With its headquarters in Nanyuki, Laikipia County, Kenya, CETRAD carries out research and training with the goal of enhancing human capacity and integrated base design strategies for sustainable development, fostering land use planning for sustained livelihood and optimal resource use, encouraging sustainable resource use and management for improved productivity, and advancing non-farm, non-pastoral enterprises, infrastructure, and related services.

Construction of Kenol-Isiolo dual road

A dual-carriageway roadway called the Kenol-Isiolo Highway is being planned. The highway will connect the towns of Ruiru, Thika, Kabati, Makuyu, Sagana, Kibirigwi, Karatina, and Kiganjo in Nyeri County, Nanyuki in Laikipia County, Timau in Meru County, and Isiolo in Isiolo County to Kenol, which is located in Muranga’a County. These initiatives will not only promote economic expansion, but they will also cause land prices to increase, both in the immediate vicinity of the projects and in surrounding areas.

One of the regions expected to gain the most from these developments is Nanyuki. Because of this, Nanyuki is the only other feasible location with amenities close to Nairobi. The greatest option for homebuyers will be Nanyuki due to increased accessibility, including the International Airport in Isiolo and the duality of the Kenol-Isiolo route.

This indicates that in order to beat market forces and earn a decent return on investment, any prudent investor should hasten to buy a piece of land in Nanyuki as early as yesterday. Plans for the much-awaited Kenol-Isiolo dual carriageway have hit a hurdle as the government struggles to close funding deals with international lenders. The 219 km highway, which will be built in two segments: Kenol-Marua (84 km) and Marua-Isiolo (135 km), was scheduled to begin this year with a completion date of late 2023.

Completing 19 smart towns

These nineteen municipalities will have well-planned infrastructure improvements for their roadways, drainage, water, and sewer systems. Each will have a comprehensive corporate recruitment and retention campaign. Firstly, let’s talk about the 12 towns that are currently under construction: Karuga, Mowarak, Dol Dol, Kalalu, Lamuria, Matanya, Pesi, Kinamba, Nanyuki, Nyahururu, Wiyumiririe, Naibor/JuaKali, Ol Jabet, Rumuruti, and Ol Moran. The County Assembly and the County Government will work together to determine the additional 7 towns. Each will have a formal program to attract and retain businesses.

Nowhere else has the kind of land Laikipia has; the county has about 1984 km2 of arable land, where you may produce everything! They have developed serviced industrial zones in Nanyuki, Naibor, Nyahururu, Rumuruti and 10 other new smart towns to increase manufacturing by investors. The manufacturing sector also plays a vital role in job and wealth generation, through value chain linkages.

The county government seeks to provide an enabling environment for investors, which aims to create 30,000 jobs and raise the minimum household income to Ksh. 600/day from an estimated Ksh. 300 daily in force today.

2,000 Acre Rumuruti (Special Economic Zone) SEZ

Development of a Special Economic Zone in Rumuruti is under progress with the County Government of Laikipia setting aside roughly 2,000 acres for the purpose. This is hailed as a game-changer in efforts to transform Rumuruti into an industrial city, particularly in the production of agricultural machinery and food processing.

The establishment of the SEZ will enable Laikipia to attract investments, expand and diversify the production of goods and services for domestic and export markets, promote value addition in the agriculture sector, promote value addition in the agriculture sector, promote local entrepreneurship through Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The SEZ will also promote rural and regional industrialization by exploiting the available mineral resources in Laikipia.