Why You Need To Invest In Nanyuki

Laikipia County, located at the elbow of Mount Kenya, with Nanyuki as its face. It is located halfway between the counties of Meru and Nyeri.

Tourist attraction town   

Nanyuki is a tourist attraction town. With over 10 conservancies, with the most sought-after being Ol PejetaLewa conservancy, and Mount Kenya wildlife conservancy, Nanyuki offers you a unique chance to experience more than 80 species of wildlife for example Elephants, Lions, Zebra, and Giraffes among others.

Nanyuki is home to exquisite hotels and resorts such as the Fairmont Mt. Kenya Safari club, and Falcon heights just to name a few.

Improved Social Amenities

Government officials say that making the Great North Road between Kenol and Marua a dual carriageway and reviving the old meter-gauge railway line between Nairobi and Nanyuki will both help the two towns thrive.

The road development is anticipated to shorten travel time from the existing three hours to one and a half hours, bringing it closer to Nairobi, the capital, making it easier to carry products to and from the cities.

Due to improved roads, increased access to power, and increased internet usage, developers are starting to show interest even in remote locations where have previously believed the land was less desirable.

Thus, you can purchase land in a prosperous rural location, cultivate your crops, and then sell them online without having to fly to Nairobi. As soon as list your crop on one of the many online marketplaces customers, arrive at your farm in Lorries to make purchases.

How Safe is Nanyuki?

When one decides to invest in Nanyuki, you are guaranteed that your Security is well taken care of since it`s at top Notch. This is due to the presence of the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK in the area.

 BATUK, also referred to as “Johnny” by locals, is a permanent training support unit for the British Army with its main location in Nanyuki, 200 kilometers north of Nairobi, and a small rear element in Kahawa Barracks, nearby. It has about 56 permanent employees and a reinforcement short tour cohort of another 110 people who give logistic support to visiting units.

The Kenya Defence Forces {KDF} recently leased a 500-acre plot of land to the British Army on a 99-year lease, and the British Army has since built a military base there for training purposes. The demand for residential developments has increased as a result, and as the region is developed to meet this demand, the land value gradually increases.

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So don’t be scared of investing in land or housing, here is the opportunity to make great returns in future.

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