Nyota Njema Unveils Their Quarter 2 Newsletter

Nyota Njema Unveils Their 2nd Quarter Newsletter

1. Land Prices Continue to Rise Despite Tough Economy

Infrastructural development has seen land values go up while a growing population has ensured sustained demand. In the hope that land values will increase in the future, investors are increasingly buying land to sell it in the future, a concept known as land speculation. The land could be put to temporary use that generates income regularly, a concept known as land banking.

According to a research conducted, for the first quarter of 2024, the prices maintained an upward trajectory despite a tough economy and input costs for developers. On an annual basis, the price of an acre in the suburbs rose by 5 percent, while in the satellite towns it was up by 11.2 percent.

The research showed that some satellite towns including Kitengela, Kiserian, Limuru and Ongata Rongai topped in price growth which now poised to surpass returns available in government securities. Satellite towns are driving the revival of land as a competitive asset class with the average annual growth of over 10 percent. With interest rates projected by the Central Bank of Kenya to fall in coming months, the stable price growth seen over the last two years should make land even more attractive as an asset.
Satellite towns are now poised to overtake government Treasury Bills in annual returns. On an annual basis, 9 out of 14 satellite towns made double digit price gains, with the leading having gained by 16 percent.
Land still remains one of the best investment.

2. Kenya’s land transfers in gazetted towns/municipalities are to be charged 4% tax under Stamp Duty Act

On 4 April 2024 the Council of Governors issued a letter enumerating all gazetted urban areas and municipalities within various counties in Kenya.

Consequently, on 5 April 2024 the Office of the Principal Secretary for Lands, Public Works, and Housing and Urban Development issued a directive addressed to all land registrars to the effect that going forward, stamp duty on the transfer of land within the gazetted towns and municipalities shall be charged at 4% in line with the Stamp Duty Act. Notably, this directive came into force immediately.

Gazetted cities and municipalities that fall within the ambit of the 4% stamp duty rate include Kitengela, Kajiado, Kilifi, Watamu, Diani, Limuru, Nakuru, Naivasha, Kericho, Murang’a, Ruiru, Kiambu, Kabete, Narok, Machakos, Mandera and Lodwar, among many others.

Emphatically, any noncompliant officer shall be held personally liable and charged to the extent of the lost revenue.

3. Board of Directors

Nyota Njema Board of Directors
Nyota Njema Board of Directors

Nyota Njema is pleased to announce that we will be launching our Board of Directors. Whereby Dr. Nelson Kuria will be the Chairperson. He is a transformation leader with extensive and varied experience in leadership and governance as C.E.O and chairperson of CIC Insurance Group, SMEP, Africa International University, Enwealth Financial Services etc.  Dr. Kuria’s vast expertise and experience in the financial sector contribute to his role as our Board Chairman. “I believe Nyota Njema Real Estate, is one the companies that upholds integrity and I have done my due diligence therefore I do accept to be the chairperson of the board”

  • The Board will be a great pillar to the company as they play a crucial role in guiding and overseeing the strategic decision and overall performance of the company.
  • They will be in a position to provide governance accountability and leadership ensuring the interests of the company are protected and advanced.

Other members include:

  1. Sam Kihara: He is the immediate former C.E.O and Founder of Cube Movers. He is known for his proven ability to lead high-performance teams and excels in enhancing efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. He significantly influences the company’s direction through achieving goals and optimizing overall business performance.
  2. Lilian Gachoki: She is a servant leader and an entrepreneur who is ambitious, Persistent, result oriented, high-spirited with a burning desire to succeed. Her interest has largely been in the financial sector. She has a passion for ICT with a keen eye on financial and investment software solutions.
  3. John Mwangi: John is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Financial and Investment Analyst (FA). John has over 21 years of experience stemmed from several positions he has held over the years in both private and public sector organizations.
  4. Josephine Njau: Josephine has over 10 years of diverse Human Resources Management experience that spans start-ups and established organizations. Her passion is driven by creating an engaging and collaborative workforce.
  5. Catherine Waithera: She holds a Master’s degree in Project Planning and Management, coupled with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. With an illustrious 7-year career in the humanitarian industry, she boasts extensive experience in crafting and executing projects with precision.
  6. Perminus Kariuki: Perminus Kariuki is the founder and C.E.O Nyota Njema Real Estate Ltd, a certified financial advisor, and a Bachelor of Business Administration financial option holder from Maseno University. Under his leadership, Nyota Njema has received multiple prestigious awards in the real estate sector. He is currently the spokesperson of the Real Estate Stakeholders Association.

4. KICC Title Handover 2024

Nyota Njema Real Estate celebrated its 5th anniversary since registration in December 2019 with a vibrant Title Handover event on April 6th, 2024, at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC). During this event, 400 title deeds were presented to customers, both locally and in the diaspora. This annual event underscores the company’s dedication to helping Kenyans own property and secure their future.

Nyota Njema Kicc Title Handover
Nyota Njema Kicc Title Handover

Company Growth and Achievements:


  • Team Growth: Nyota Njema has expanded from a small team of 2 to over 30 dedicated professionals, enhancing its capacity to manage more projects and serve a growing client base effectively.
  • Office Relocation: Initially operating from a modest office in Ruiru, the company has moved to a more prominent location at Mountain Mall, reflecting its growth and commitment to providing better facilities for clients and staff.


  • Initial and Current Projects: Starting with a single project in Nanyuki, Nyota Njema now manages seven projects across various strategic locations, catering to diverse investment needs and preferences.
Nyota Njema Kicc Title Handover
Nyota Njema Kicc Title Handover

Title Deeds:

  • Milestone Achievement: Over the past five years, Nyota Njema has issued more than 1200 title deeds, demonstrating its reliability and commitment to ensuring that clients have secure and legitimate property ownership.


  • Enhanced Identity: The company underwent a significant rebranding in 2024, introducing a new logo, updated website, and new merchandise. This modernization aims to make the company more appealing and recognizable.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Along with the rebranding, the office outlook was revamped to provide a more welcoming and professional environment, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Diaspora Engagement:

Diaspora Title Handover
Diaspora Title Handover
  • Global Reach: Nyota Njema has successfully extended its services to Kenyans in the diaspora, including those in the UK, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, USA, Germany, Australia, Canada, and Qatar.
  • Personalized Service: By delivering title deeds personally to clients abroad, Nyota Njema ensures that Kenyans living far from home can invest confidently, knowing their investments are secure and valued.

Strategic Locations:

Nyota Njema’s projects are strategically located in scenic and accessible areas, ensuring high investment value and potential for appreciation:

  • Nanyuki: Near conservancies, offering views of Mt. Kenya, Lolldaiga Hills, and Aberdare Ranges.
  • Diani: Close to the Indian Ocean, providing beautiful coastal views and easy access.
  • Naivasha: Offering clear views of Mt. Longonot, Lake Naivasha, and Aberdare Ranges.

Future Developments:

  1. Income-Generating Properties:
  • Holiday Homes, Cottages, and Villas: These developments are designed to provide passive income to investors while enhancing the value of their properties.
  1. Community Living:
  • Gated Community Projects: Planned developments in Kisanju, Kitengela, and Jujafarm aim to provide investors with secure and well-planned community living spaces.
  1. Support for Young Investors:
  • Kikwetu Sacco: This initiative will help young investors, including college and university students, by providing financing options to purchase property, making real estate investment more accessible.
  1. Corporate Social Responsibility:
  • Perminus Foundation: By allocating 1% of sales to this foundation, Nyota Njema aims to systematically support community betterment and various CSR activities, reinforcing its commitment to social responsibility.

Board of Directors and Community Impact:

Strategic Guidance:

  • New Board of Directors: Appointed to provide strategic guidance, governance, and oversight, the new board will ensure the company’s interests are protected and advanced, contributing to its long-term growth and success.

Community Engagement:

  • Perminus Foundation: Established to manage the company’s CSR initiatives, this foundation will ensure a more organized and impactful approach to uplifting society through various social responsibility programs.

Commitment to Integrity and Customer Satisfaction:

Since its inception, Nyota Njema Real Estate has remained dedicated to authenticity, integrity, and customer satisfaction. The company continuously evolves through valuable learning experiences to make land ownership more accessible. It offers customized, affordable investment opportunities with flexible payment plans, recognizing the challenges of raising lump sum capital, especially in a market where land is precious.

By maintaining these core values and focusing on growth and customer needs, Nyota Njema Real Estate continues to build a trustworthy and innovative real estate firm that meets the aspirations of Kenyans both locally and in the diaspora.

5. Corporate Package

Business leaders need employees who buy into their business vision and run with it. One challenge Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) encounter is a lack of proper strategies to manage employee retention, recognition, motivation, and ultimately productivity.

Nyota Njema corporate package
Nyota Njema corporate package

The Nyota Njema Corporate Package offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by SMEs in recruitment, staff retention, and employee motivation. By providing real estate investment opportunities, customized payment plans, and tangible incentives for performance, SMEs can attract and retain top talent, increase productivity, and foster a positive and motivated workforce. This, in turn, can lead to improved customer satisfaction, increased sales volume, and overall profitability for the business.

The package not only addresses employee retention but also contributes to building a culture where employees feel valued and appreciated. It sends a message that the organization is invested in its workforce and supports their aspirations for personal and financial growth.

What the package offers:

  • Motivation and Productivity
  • Customized Payment Plans
  • Long-Term Value for Employees
  • Positive Organizational Culture

6. Diaspora

Europe Investment Tour

Nyota Njema Real Estate is proud of our commitment to transparency and convenience, serving Kenyans in the diaspora, particularly in Europe. In April, we engaged with Kenyans across five European countries: the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, and Italy, holding various investment forums.


  1. Netherlands, The Hague: Our Founder and CEO spoke at the Invest in Africa Summit, emphasizing investment opportunities in Kenya and potential government partnerships.
  2. Germany, Berlin: We conducted an educational session on real estate for Kenyans in Berlin, highlighting the benefits of investing with Nyota Njema Real Estate Ltd.
  3. Austria, Vienna: Attending the Vienna City Marathon, our CEO educated attendees on investment opportunities in Africa’s real estate market during the post-marathon event.
  4. France: We hosted events in Lyon and Paris. In Lyon, we interacted with Kenyans at Restaurant le Conakry, discussing investment opportunities. In Paris, our CEO emphasized the importance and benefits of investing in land and properties.
  5. Italy: Concluding our tour, we held an investment forum in Milan at Ristorante Africa, discussing customized real estate investment solutions and customer experiences with Kenyans in Italy.

Through these forums, Nyota Njema provides a robust platform for Kenyans living in the diaspora to explore, engage, and make informed investment decisions while investing back home. These engagements offer several key benefits:

  • Exploration: Attendees have the opportunity to learn about the diverse real estate options available in Kenya, including residential properties, commercial investments, and land acquisitions. This exposure helps them understand the market dynamics and potential areas for investment.
  • Engagement: By participating in these forums, diaspora Kenyans can interact directly with our CEO, industry experts, and fellow investors. This networking fosters a deeper understanding of investment processes, facilitates knowledge sharing, and builds a supportive community of like-minded individuals.
  • Informed Decisions: The educational sessions and discussions provide valuable insights into the real estate market, investment strategies, and the economic landscape in Kenya. Armed with this information, participants can make well-informed decisions, ensuring their investments are aligned with their financial goals and risk tolerance.

Overall, these forums empower Kenyans in the diaspora to confidently invest in their homeland, contributing to personal financial growth and the economic development of Kenya.

7. Gratitude for Your Support!

Nyota Njema Certificate of appreciation
Nyota Njema Certificate of appreciation

To CEO, Nyota Njema Real Estate, Mr. Perminus Kariuki, Dir Catherine Kariuki and the entire Nyota Njema family,

Thank you for your incredible support during the Diaper 4 a Smile Walk 2024, held on April, 13th. It was a resounding success!

Over 100 special needs children received close to 3 months’ worth of diaper supplies, easing a significant burden for their parents and caregivers. Additionally, we were able to raise awareness about Cerebral Palsy in our community, although there is still more work to be done in this area.

We were honored to have Dr. Daniel Yumbya, the Machakos County Health Executive, grace the event while Deputy County Commissioner Patrick Mwangi flagged off the walk.

Your generosity made all of this possible. Thank you for making such a significant difference!

Warm regards,
CEO, Noweza Foundation

8. New Projects Alert!

Nanyuki Fully Serviced plots

Exciting news to all investors, Nyota Njema welcomes you to a hidden gem in Nanyuki where opportunities know no bounds. We are delighted to unveil to you our new project located just 20 minutes drive from Nanyuki town, a world of natural beauty where the eyes sink into the spectacular views of the majestic Mt. Kenya, the rolling Loldaiga hills, and the newly constructed conservancy.

Nyota Njema Nanyuki plots
Nyota Njema Nanyuki plots

Here the canvas is yours to design to your liking. Whether you intend to put up your dream home, a business for continued income flow, or even a getaway for when you just want to sit back and enjoy the quietness of nature, we’ve got you covered

Nanyuki supports a wide range of activities including tourism to various locations such as Mt. Kenya National Park, Fairmount Kenya Safari Club, the Olpajeta Conservancy, and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy among many others.

Make a stopover at the equator to witness the effects of the Coriolis force as you head to our fully serviced plots with water and electricity on site, well beaconed, and title deeds ready.to add on to this excitement Nyota Njema real estate will be giving free architectural designs for every plot acquired.

Discover prime coastal plots with Nyota Njema Real Estate. A well sought-after destination by both tourists and locals where opportunities are never-ending.

Diani Tiwi Phase 3 Plots

Introducing our new projects located just 1km from Tiwi Beach, nestled between the lush greenery and the Indian Ocean, strategically positioned to offer easy access to social amenities from the neighboring Kaya Town.

Nyota Njema Diani plots
Nyota Njema Diani plots

The plots here cater for mixed use development, allowing you to a harmonious blend of residential and commercial spaces. Whether you are envisioning a dream home, holiday villas or a boutique hotel this place holds immense potential.

The surroundings here are tourist attractions starting from the Tiwi beach which is separated by the Congo  River and a host of the only remaining Swahili structures the 16th–century mosque. The beach beckons with its powdery sands and gentle tides perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The sea temperatures also remain inviting throughout the year ranging from 25*c to 29*c making it perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Act now and let the coastal breeze carry your dreams to new heights.

 9. Nanyuki Holiday Home Designs

10. Our Projects

In Nyota Njema Real Estate, we offer prime plots in various sought-after locations, including those listed below. Our payment plans are thoughtfully curated with our clients’ needs in mind.

Nyota Njema real estate project catalogue
Nyota Njema real estate project catalogue

Project Features

  • Affordable prime plots
  • Strategic locations
  • Value added properties
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Title deed delivery

 11. Employee of the month

Acknowledging the Employee of the Month holds significant importance for our company. It serves as a powerful motivator, recognizing outstanding contributions and fostering a culture of appreciation.

March and May

Nyota Njema Employee of the Month
Nyota Njema Employee of the Month

Markfelix Kagiri earned the coveted title of Employee of the Month for March and May. His keen insight and deep understanding of the market have proven instrumental in securing successful transactions and fostering meaningful relationships with clients. His passion for real estate coupled with his exceptional communication skills, makes him an invaluable asset to our team. Congratulations, Markfelix, on this well deserved recognition of your outstanding


Nyota Njema Employee of the Month
Nyota Njema Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Kennedy Gathogo for being selected as our Employee of the Month for April 2024! His commitment to excellence and contributions to our team have been exceptional. From his outstanding
performance in project management to his willingness to go above and beyond to support his colleagues, Kennedy embodies the values and spirit of our company. We are incredibly proud to have him as part of our team, and we look forward to seeing his continued success in the months to come.
Well done, Kennedy!

12. Client Testimonials

Nyota Njema KICC title Handover
Nyota Njema KICC title Handover

Hello Perminus! I hope you are keeping well. Just keeping you updated. We successfully managed to do our own search on Our Malidi land. I can confirm 100% all is okay. Solicitor we used provided us with proof of evidence Nyota Njema has genuine titles for the land. Once again we say thank you for conducting honest business with us.
Regards~ Allen and Ruth

I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with Nyota Njema Real Estate. First time we met with Perminus Kariuki CEO- Nyota Njema real estate for a 121 meeting we discussed the projects they had, I told him I would be interested in buying a large chunk of land and not in Nanyuki. He must have thought it was a way of dismissing him! First forward, Nyota Njema kept on informing me of their new projects and the locations. Good news! Last year they got a perfect location and a perfect deal and we had the pleasure of purchasing over ten (10) acres of land through their services, and the process was nothing short of outstanding. From the initial consultation the team at Nyota Njema has demonstrated professionalism, integrity, and a deep understanding of the real estate market. Their expertise was evident as they navigated the complexities of the transaction with ease, ensuring that all our needs and concerns were addressed promptly. Communication has been seamless, and I was kept informed every step of the way. The team’s dedication to customer satisfaction was clear, as they went above and beyond to ensure the transaction was smooth and transparent. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence truly set them apart. I am incredibly grateful to Nyota Njema Real Estate for making this dream and significant investment a reality. I highly recommend their services to anyone in the market for real estate. Their dedication, knowledge, and customer centric approach make them a top choice in the industry. Thank you, Nyota Njema Real Estate, for an outstanding experience and for helping us secure a valuable asset.

~ Josephine Njau Founder- JardineHR Consultants

Nyota Njema KICC title Handover
Nyota Njema KICC title Handover

I am grateful for investing with Nyota Njema Real Estate Ltd. The company has a very good payment plan that I would encourage people to take part in. They have kept their word, they deliver and they have so many other plots for sale that you can buy. With Nyota Njema Real Estate, you stand an opportunity of owning your own land. Thank you Perminus and Nyota Njema Real Estate Ltd for the great work.


Thank you Nyota Njema Real Estate for making me a land owner. I believed in you and this is a perfecet example that the company performs. I will not hesitate to refer my friends to you. Thank you very much Nyota Njema Real Estate Ltd

Nyota Njema Real Estate office title Handover
Nyota Njema Real Estate office title Handover

Thank you Nyota Njema Real Estate for making me a land owner. I believed in you and this is a perfecet example that the company performs. I will not hesitate to refer my friends to you. Thank you very much Nyota Njema Real Estate Ltd

For more information, call/chat with one of our consultants.