Why you should invest in Malindi as a youth

Why you should invest in Malindi as a youth

It may seem scary to invest at a young age but what is even scarier is the thought of ending up old and broke without any investment. An elderly man was once asked the list of things he wished he could have done when he was young and investing at a young age topped the list.

You are probably scared to invest now because you are short financially or you feel you still have much time and therefore you keep on postponing your goals to a later time.  If this is you then you don’t have to wait anymore. Why? We have you covered.

Well, you are young and you are well informed and you have access to information about investment which is all over the internet.   All you need is someone to help you break the investment information down and advice you on the best investment opportunities like Malindi.

Why Malindi?

Nyota Njema Malindi Plots
Nyota Njema Malindi Plots

Malindi is youth pocket friendly and you can be our next plot owner spending only 125k cash price with a flexible payment of up to one year installment payment.

Moreover, availability of adequate water, a good shopping center and its history of of traders coming from somalia , Egypt and beyond is inviting for a youth  with investment eye.

Investment opportunities 

Farming:  Maize is Malindi’s stample crop which do well in moderately high temperatures. That is the exact temperature in malindi which is about 28 to 30 degrees which is accompanied with sandy loam   soil suitable for pigeon peace which has high adaptability to hostile environment. Cowpeas, black beans and green grams are not left behind. Nyota Njema Malindi plots is the place to make an agricultural land.

Real Estate venture: Proximity to social amenities like Kanongoni primary school, Tamo shopping center and dispensary inviting for rentals and commercial spaces. Furthermore, the prices appreciates with time, you can put the plot to use and resell later when prices are high.

Tourism and Hospitality: With its strategic location and attractions like Watamu and Malindi Marine National Park, Malindi is a tourist hotspot. Investing in resorts, hotels, or holiday homes could capitalize on the tourism sector.

Recreational Facilities:  Because of it’s a proximity to the beaches, you could invest in facilities that cater to beach life, watersports, boating, and sightseeing. You can open a tour company or even camping facilities. And the list includes a lot more you can think of when it comes to beach investment.

The investment opportunities however remain uncountable as the areas continues to grow .You can always think of what to do

In overall, starting to invest while young sets a strong foundation for future financial stability and growth.

I mean if you start now you will always be better than someone who will take the same step  10, 20  and 30 years later

General benefit of Investing in Malindi to a youth

Multiple Returns: Time is the most powerful ingredient in investing. When you start early you will be allowing your   investments to grow through multiple returns, where earnings will intern generate more earnings over time.

Risk Management: At a young age you generally have more time to recover from any potential losses in the market. This allows you to take on slightly higher risk while investing because at the back of your mind, loses will take care of themselves.

Long-Term Goals: Investing early aligns with long-term financial goals such as retirement planning, purchasing a home, or funding education.  When you start early you are most definitely giving yourself to achieve all the goals you have always planned to accomplish.

Experience:  When you invest at a young age you are giving yourself a leaning opportunity which will help in proper decision making as far as investment is involved .It will also help you understand the market and the self-control needed to manage investment in a proper manner.

Inflation Management: Investing generally  helps you to retain the value of  your money by  ensuring when the prices goes up , your  money  still  retains its purchasing power over time.

So, as much as it may seem scary to invest at a young age, it is the best time to invest after all because the more the investment years the more the return.

Therefore stop procrastinating about that investment dream and grab a plot in Malindi while the offer still last.

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