Reasons why you should own land in Diani

Reasons why you should own land in Diani

Diani can be many things. A place with improved infrastructure can be a tourist hub, it can be a place with diversified culture and it can be a place where most businesses thrive and it can be more.

But what attracts most people to this place is its white sandy beaches embedded with Turkish stone rich in copper believed to give the waters its crystal clear, blue-greenish appearance.

Moreover, the environment is warm throughout the year hence the calming and relaxed environment. Who wouldn’t want such an environment? No one, of course, not even you.

Well, here are the reasons why you should invest in Diani

Nyota Njema Diani plots
Nyota Njema Diani plots

Businesses Hub: Because of its cultural diversity all kinds of businesses can do well. Be it a bar and club business, restaurant, boutique, beach wear, and more like the transport sector. Diani is giving you a chance to develop your business ideas into reality because your market is large taking different cultures and various age groups all together.

 Land Appreciates in Value: Land located along Diani especially along the beach has been appreciating over the years because of the increasing high demand for land close to the beaches. More people are buying the land to build holiday homes and rentals. Our Diani Tiwi land for sale is located 1 km from the beach. When you buy now you can resell later and get profit.

Strategic location: Diani is just a few drives from Mombasa an economic town known for its lucrative port and airports. Availability of smooth transport to and from Diani is therefore a guarantee.

Tourism: Diani is a renowned tourist attraction site thanks to its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. Tourists visit all the time during the year because of its warm weather. Hence, there is demand for exquisite resorts and other investments especially on things to do with beach activities.

Residential project: Investing in exquisite apartments, holiday homes, and Air BNBs close to the beach can be inviting especially to people willing to buy these spaces while some willing to rent them. You can also construct commercial spaces for people who want to invest in other businesses like yoga classes, game viewing and so more.

Agriculture: Well who said you can grow crops in Diani? Diani is rich in white sandy loam soil with warm weather which is suitable for farming activities and various crops like watermelon, cowpeas, green grams, and maize.

Well there is always more to think of where the beach is concerned.

Don’t miss this one golden opportunity to make your dream real.

Talk to us today. Why? Because if you don’t book today you won’t get it tomorrow.

Nyota Njema Diani plots
Nyota Njema Diani plots, 1km from the beach