Juja Farm – Plots For Sale

Price: Ksh 790,000.00
Type of Property: Residential,
Title Deed Type: Freehold,
Soil Type: Black Cotton,
Features: Water, Electricity, Beacons,
Size: 40 by 80,

Nyota Njema’s Juja Farm Breeze Gardens 2

Juja Farm’s history is deeply intertwined with the life of Lord William Northrup MacMillan, an American of British descent who settled in Kenya in the early 20th century. MacMillan was captivated by the Kenyan landscape during a hunting expedition and subsequently acquired a vast estate of approximately 19,000 acres near Nairobi. He established Juja Farm in 1905, which quickly became a hub of social activity, hosting notable figures such as Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. The farm’s name is said to be derived from two West African idols, “Ju” and “Ja,” which MacMillan believed protected him at sea.

Over time, Juja Farm grew in prominence, with MacMillan’s philanthropic efforts contributing to its legacy. The farm became synonymous with luxury and superstition, with the statues of “Ju” and “Ja” adding to its mystique. Today, Juja has transformed into a bustling town within Kiambu County, reflecting a blend of its historical significance and contemporary development. The legacy of Juja Farm remains a testament to the region’s colonial past and its journey towards modernity.


Juja Farm, situated in Kenya’s Kiambu County, boasts a temperate oceanic climate with warm summers and no dry season. The average annual temperature hovers around 18.8°C, peaking in March at 20.5°C and dipping to 17.2°C in July. Rainfall is plentiful throughout the year, totaling an average of 1014 mm, with April being the wettest month. This climatic pattern, marked by moderate temperatures and consistent precipitation, supports the region’s lush agricultural landscape and contributes to its growth as a thriving community.

Welcome to Juja Farm Breeze Gardens 2, situated in the serene landscapes of Tumaini Juja Farm. Just 6 kilometers from Juja Farm Town and a convenient 16 kilometers from the Thika Super Highway, this prime location offers easy access to urban conveniences while maintaining a tranquil ambiance. With a mere 800 meters from Athi Shopping Center, residents enjoy seamless connectivity to essential amenities.

Soil Type:
Juja Farm Breeze Gardens plots for sale boasts rich black cotton soil, providing a solid foundation for diverse development projects and ensuring long-term sustainability and value for your investment.

Type of Development:
Embrace the possibilities of a mixed-use development at Juja Farm Breeze Gardens 2 plots, where the landscape beckons both residential and commercial ventures. Whether you envision crafting your dream home or establishing thriving businesses, the opportunities abound within this dynamic community.

Key Features:
At Juja Farm Breeze Gardens 2, meticulous attention to detail is paramount. Each plot is meticulously beaconed and adorned with a well-fenced perimeter and a secure gate, ensuring privacy and security for residents and their investments.

Nearby Amenities:
Experience the epitome of convenience with a wealth of amenities at your doorstep. With water and electricity readily available within the project, including piped water supply, residents enjoy uninterrupted access to essential utilities. Furthermore, the abundance of schools, both public and private, ensures access to quality education for families within the community. Social amenities abound in surrounding town centers such as Athi and Juja Farm, enriching residents’ lifestyles with leisure and entertainment options.

Nyota Njema’s Juja Farm Breeze Gardens 2 plots

Proximity to Amenities:
Juja farm Breeze Gardens 2 plots offers unparalleled proximity to essential amenities, with a prime location next to a school and a short distance from Juja Farm Town and Athi Center. With only 6 kilometers to Juja Farm Town and a mere 800 meters from Athi, residents enjoy easy access to everyday necessities and services.

Investment Opportunities:
Unlock the full potential of Juja Farm Breeze Gardens 2 plots with a myriad of investment opportunities. Whether you seek to create residential havens, commercial establishments, or both, the possibilities are limitless within this vibrant community. With great views of Mount Kilima Mbogo serving as a backdrop, Breeze Gardens 2 offers the perfect canvas to realize your real estate aspirations. Here are some of the investment options and why Juja farm is the ideal place to invest.

  • Residential Development: You could develop the land into residential units, either for sale or rent. This could be single-family homes, apartments, or townhouses.
  • Commercial Development: If the location is suitable, you could develop commercial properties such as shopping centers, office spaces, or warehouses to cater to the growing population and businesses in the area.
  • Agriculture: Given that the land is fertile, you could use it for agricultural purposes, such as farming crops or setting up a greenhouse. Juja Farm’s proximity to Nairobi makes it a good location for supplying agricultural products to the city.
  • Educational Institutions: With the presence of educational institutions like Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, there could be a demand for more educational facilities, including schools or vocational training centers.
  • Recreational Facilities: Establishing recreational areas such as parks, sports complexes, or entertainment venues could be a lucrative investment, especially if there’s a lack of such facilities in the area.
  • Speculation: You could also hold onto the land and wait for its value to appreciate as the area develops further before selling it at a profit.
  • Infrastructure Development: Participating in or contributing to infrastructure projects like roads, water supply, or energy can be another way to invest and increase the value of your land.

Payment Plans:
Nyota Njema Real Estate offers flexible payment plans designed to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of investors. Whether individuals prefer lump-sum payments or installment plans, there are options available to suit every budget and financial situation. The transparent and straightforward payment process ensures peace of mind for investors, allowing them to secure their investments with confidence.

Cash 30 days Kshs. 750,000
Installments 3 – 6 months Kshs. 850,000

Juja farm Breeze Gardens 2 stands as a testament to luxury, convenience, and opportunity at Tumaini Juja Farm. With its prime location, fertile soil, secure infrastructure, and proximity to essential amenities, this exclusive enclave offers the perfect setting to build your future. Seize the opportunity today and make Breeze Gardens (ii) your gateway to a life of distinction and prosperity.We offer site visit every Wednesday and Saturday; click on the link to book today!

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Nyota njema’s Juja Farm Breeze Gardens 2


Cash30 daysKshs. 790,000
Installments3 – 6 monthsKshs. 850,000