Kitengela – Plots For Sale

Price: Ksh 1,050,000.00
Type of Property: Residential,
Title Deed Type: Freehold,
Soil Type: Black Cotton,
Features: Beacons, Water, Electricity,
Size: 50 by 100,

Introducing Kitengela-Pine Oak Gardens: Your Prime Real Estate Opportunity

Kitengela’s history is deeply rooted in its origins as a group ranch and its evolution into a vibrant urban center. Initially established as the Kitengela Group Ranch, encompassing over 18,000 hectares for pastoral community members, it underwent subdivision in 1988 to promote private land ownership and agricultural development. This shift sparked a significant transformation, with land sales and fragmentation paving the way for rapid population growth and urbanization. Kitengela’s population exploded from just over 6,500 in 1989 to more than 58,000 by 2009, reflecting its integration into the expanding Nairobi Metropolitan Area.

Kitengela Pine Oak plots

Nestled in the heart of Kitengela’s prestigious Acacia area, Pine Oak Gardens offers a prime location for your next investment venture. Situated just 6 kilometers from the bustling Kitengela-Namanga Road, with convenient access at the Ola Petrol Station Junction, this development promises both accessibility and exclusivity. Furthermore, its close proximity to renowned landmarks such as the Nkasiri Adventure Park (only 2 kilometers away) and the upcoming International Leadership University (a mere 800 meters) ensures a lifestyle enriched with leisure and educational opportunities.


Kitengela enjoys a mild and moderate climate with notable precipitation throughout the year. The Köppen-Geiger climate classification for Kitengela is Cfb, indicating a temperate oceanic climate. The average annual temperature is 19.2°C (66.6°F), and the area receives about 744 mm (29.3 inches) of rainfall annually.

The warmest month is typically February, with an average high of 21.0°C (69.7°F), while the coolest month is July, averaging 17.5°C (63.5°F) at its lowest. The driest month is September, with only 15 mm (0.6 inches) of rain, and the wettest month is April, receiving an average of 143 mm (5.6 inches) of rainfall. This climate contributes to the region’s diverse ecosystem and supports the agricultural activities that many of its residents rely on

Soil Type:
The fertile Black Cotton soil of the area provides a solid foundation for diverse development projects, guaranteeing sustainability and long-term value for your investment.

Type of Development:
Pine Oak Gardens embodies the essence of a mixed-use development, offering versatility and potential for both residential and commercial purposes. Whether you envision building your dream home or establishing a lucrative business venture, this dynamic environment caters to a myriad of aspirations.

Key Features:
At Pine Oak Gardens, meticulous planning meets unparalleled quality. Each plot is meticulously beaconed, with well-maintained murram roads traversing the project, ensuring ease of access and convenience for residents and visitors alike.

Kitengela Pine Oak plots

Nearby Amenities:
Embrace the convenience of urban living with a host of amenities right at your doorstep. From esteemed educational institutions such as Kitengela International School, Acacia Crest School, and Oloika International School, to recreational havens like the Nkasiri Adventure Park, Pine Oak Gardens offers an unparalleled lifestyle enriched with educational, recreational, and social opportunities.

Furthermore, the availability of piped water supplied by Tana Athi ensures uninterrupted access to essential utilities, while the surrounding town centers of Matali and Baraka provide access to a plethora of social amenities, ensuring a well-rounded living experience for residents.

Proximity to Amenities:
Pine Oak Gardens boasts a strategic location next to Oloika International School and the bustling center of Baraka, offering unparalleled convenience and accessibility to essential services and facilities.

Investment Opportunities:
Unlock the full potential of Pine Oak Gardens with a diverse range of investment opportunities. Whether you aspire to develop residential properties, retirement homes, or commercial establishments, the possibilities are endless within this thriving community.  For more information on why you can never go wrong with land investment, click on the link to read one of our blogs.

Payment Plans:
Nyota Njema Real Estate offers flexible payment plans designed to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of investors. Whether individuals prefer lump-sum payments or installment plans, there are options available to suit every budget and financial situation. The transparent and straightforward payment process ensures peace of mind for investors, allowing them to secure their investments with confidence.

Cash 30 days Kshs. 1,050,000
Installments 3 – 6 months Kshs. 1,100,000
Installments  10–12 months Kshs. 1,150,000

Pine Oak Gardens stands as a testament to unparalleled luxury, convenience, and opportunity in Kitengela’s esteemed Acacia area. With its prime location, fertile soil, versatile development options, and proximity to essential amenities, this exclusive enclave offers the perfect canvas to realize your real estate dreams. Seize the opportunity today and make Pine Oak Gardens your gateway to a life of distinction and prosperity.

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Cash30 daysKshs. 1,050,000
Installments3 – 6 monthsKshs. 1,100,000
Installments 10–12 monthsKshs. 1,150,000