Nanyuki Breeze 1 & 2 Plots

Price: Ksh 330,000.00
Type of Property: Residential, Commercial,
Title Deed Type: Freehold,
Soil Type: Black Cotton,
Features: Fenced, Water, Electricity, Beacons,
Size: 50 by 100,

Nanyuki’s history as a market town established by British settlers in 1907 provides insight into its colonial past and its role as a hub for trade and commerce in the region. Its location northwest of Mount Kenya and just north of the equator situates it in a geographically significant position, likely contributing to its importance as a center of activity.

The name “Nanyuki,” derived from the Maasai word “Enyaanyukie,” meaning “resemblance,” suggests a connection to the local indigenous culture and landscape, reflecting the town’s roots in the region’s history and heritage.

With a population of 72,813 according to the 2019 census, Nanyuki appears to be a moderately sized town, likely serving as a focal point for both local residents and visitors to the area. Its status as a market town would imply a bustling community with various economic activities and services available to its inhabitants.


Nanyuki Breeze 1& 2 plots for sale is nestled in the serene Mutirithia area, it offers an idyllic setting just 20 kilometers from Nanyuki Town. Accessible via a well-maintained tarmac road up to Naibor town, followed by a smooth 4-kilometer marram road, this prime location ensures convenient access to urban amenities while preserving the tranquility of rural living.

Climatic conditions:

Nanyuki has quite temperate and consistent weather throughout the year. With maximum temperatures not exceeding 20.68°C and minimums staying above 11.44°C, it avoids extreme cold. The average temperatures and dew points indicate a moderate climate, likely comfortable for most people.

The average precipitation of 3.7mm suggests a relatively dry climate, and the average wind speed of 3.69km/h indicates generally calm conditions. The sea level pressure at 3.7mb seems within the normal range.

March appears to be the warmest month with a high of 19.53°C, while July is the coolest with a low of 16.78°C. January seems to be the coldest overall, with an average of 9.35°C. With a humidity level of 82.12%, it seems to be on the higher side, which might contribute to the feeling of dampness or stickiness, especially during warmer months. Nanyuki’s climate sounds moderate and relatively comfortable, with mild temperatures and low precipitation, making Nanyuki plots for sale ideal property.

Soil Type:

The rich black cotton soil of the area provides a fertile foundation for diverse development ventures, making Nanyuki breeze 2 plots for sale an ideal canvas for commercial, agricultural, or residential projects.


Nanyuki boasts a well-connected transportation network, featuring a dual-carriage road from Nairobi to Marwa and a single lane to the town center, spanning a distance of 189 km. By car, the journey takes approximately 3.5 hours. Additionally, the town benefits from an upgraded airstrip, courtesy of the Kenya Ports Authority, enabling larger 40-seater planes to operate. Flying from Nairobi to Nanyuki takes just 1.5 hours. Furthermore, there’s a railway network facilitating cargo transportation between Nairobi and Nanyuki, reflecting the town’s thriving economic activities. Traveling by train from Nairobi to Nanyuki clocks in at 7.5 hours. With such diverse transportation options, Nanyuki stands as a well-connected hub for both business and leisure travelers alike.

Type of Development:

Embracing the essence of mixed-use development, Nanyuki Breeze 2 plots for sale offers a myriad of possibilities. Whether you aspire to create commercial enterprises, agricultural havens, or residential retreats, this versatile landscape caters to diverse aspirations.

Key Features:

The plots for sale at Nanyuki Breeze 1& 2 have the following features:

  •  Each plot is meticulously beaconed, ensuring clarity and ease of identification.
  • Perimeter fencing enhances security and provides a conducive environment for immediate development.
  • Water is available in the vicinity

Nearby Amenities:

Experience the convenience of urban amenities amidst the tranquility of rural living. the plots for sale are situated near Mutithiria Primary School, ensuring educational opportunities for families. Access to piped water from community boreholes and electricity infrastructure further enhances the quality of life. Moreover, the proximity to the newly constructed conservancy offers residents the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature’s splendor, while nearby town centers such as Naibor and Jua Kali provide access to essential social amenities.

What are the top 6 reasons to invest in Nanyuki?

Nanyuki has emerged as a sought-after property hotspot in recent years, witnessing a rapid escalation in land prices with no signs of slowing down.

  1. The area’s continuous development promises substantial gains in property values over the coming years.
  2. Renowned for its diverse attractions, Nanyuki offers visitors the opportunity to explore entertainment hotspots, vast farms, wildlife conservancies, and even the iconic equator line.
  3. Serving as an excellent base for climbing Mount Kenya, Nanyuki has become a popular year-round destination for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.
  4. The proximity to the newly constructed conservancy makes it an ideal location for holiday homes and cottages, offering a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life promising both leisure and prosperity for discerning investor
  5. The fertile soil and scenic surroundings make it perfect for agricultural endeavors with a ready market to tourists in the area
  6. Retirement package: Ideal for property with beautiful sceneries and warm climatic conditions to enjoy in your old age.

Payment plans:

Nanyuki breeze plots for sale have a range of prices, inclusive of title processing fee and free holiday home designs

Payment plamTimeAmount
CashWithin a monthKsh 330,000
Installments3-6 monthsKsh 360,000
Installments10-12 monthsKsh 380,000



Nanyuki Breeze 1 & 2 plots for sale stands as a testament to unparalleled opportunity and tranquility in the heart of Mutirithia. With its prime location, fertile soil, versatile development options, and proximity to essential amenities, this exclusive enclave offers the perfect canvas to realize your real estate aspirations. With its unique blend of natural beauty and recreational offerings, it’s no wonder that Nanyuki has captured the attention of property investors and tourists alike. Here is site visit video to give a snippet of the Nairobi to Nanyuki trip plots for sale.