Why Kitengela is the Best Location for Investment

Kitengela is located in Kajiado county and is 30 kilometers away from Nairobi County. Kitengela has over the years sprung from a dusty pastoralists settlement to a large area with numerous residential and commercial construction projects that spring up daily.

According to the 2019 census data report, Kitengela is one of Kenya’s fastest-growing urban areas, with population inflows having tripled since 2009. Its population was 154,436 people. In the last ten years, the human population in Kitengela has more than doubled, from 6548 in 1989 to 17,347 in 1999 to 58,167 in 2009.

Its location and proximity to Nairobi have made it an ideal location for the construction of affordable rental apartments and family homes. The increased population in Nairobi is one of the factors contributing to the Kitengela area’s expansion and growth.

Kitengela continues to experience expansion as a preferred real estate investment area in the industry. Here are some of the factors that make Kitengela worth investing in;

  1. Numerous Social Amenities

Kitengela is a preferred residential location due to its continuous thriving as it is home to all major banks, stores, and fast food restaurants. The area is lined up with various social amenities including major banks, hospitals, and supermarkets.

Among the major banks in the area include the National Bank, Co-Operative Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Family Bank, Bank Of Africa, Faulu Bank, Barclays Bank, and Kenya Commercial Bank.

The area is also well known for having several excellent ‘Nyama Choma’ restaurants where you can dine with your friends and family. According to reviews made, one of the most visited fun places in the area is the GMC place which is home to a restaurant where you can enjoy a meal as the kids play. It also has an event ground for those looking for venues to hold essential occasions like parties.

2. Economic Growth and Stability

Kitengela’s economy is expanding steadily, attracting a large number of investors. The rapid growth of the local residential and commercial sectors demonstrates how quickly the economy and real estate in Kitengela town are developing. Its growth has been largely attributed to the large influx of middle-class Nairobians who have built lovely gated communities and businesses in an unprecedented construction boom, owing to the affordable land compared to Nairobi city, as well as the availability of five cement companies and growing infrastructural amenities.

A steady rise in land prices, an increase in the number of rental apartments, a rise in the number of hotels and recreational centers along with the overall population all define the economic growth in the area.

3. Improved Infrastructure

Kitengela has developed infrastructure such as well-developed roads, power supply, water, and sewage systems. It has a diverse range of businesses and industries, including cement plants like the Savannah cement plant, export processing zones, and textile mills. The presence of more industries, enterprises, and companies in the area necessitates the development of apartments, bungalows, and mansions for rent in order to accommodate the growing number of residences in the area.

4. Numerous Educational Institutions

Kitengela area is also perfect for families and learners since it has institutions from nursery schools to universities. Schools in the area include Senior Chief Mutunkei Primary School, Kitengela International School, Acacia International Schools, St. Monicah, Orchard School, Kitengela Girls, Kitengela Primary, KCA University (Kitengela campus), East African University, and Ummah University.

This article gives you insight into how Kitengela came to be an investment area for business purposes or for personal or residential use.

You can purchase land in Kitengela via Nyota Njema Real Estate Company at Ksh 985,000 only for a 50X100 plot. The plots are located near Acacia Gardens. Social amenities include;




-Neighbors Senior Chief Mutunkei Primary School

-The land also neighbors Victory Garden Gated Community and Nkasiri Adventure Park.